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KPEV-DS 100V : Flexible Communication Cable Heat & Oil Resistance

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① The Conductor of tinning soft copper wire may prevent the connection faults caused by corrosion.
② The drain wire is mounted to facilitate easy connection of grounding.
③ The Sheath uses flexible lead free vinyl mixture and braided Shield structure, boasting excellent flexibility.
④ Flammability passing UL VW - 1 (vertical Flammability test).
⑤ Double-Shield pair-twist structure of AL/PET Tape under the tinning soft copper braided Shield is used so as to prevent the noise caused by electrostatic induction and induction (inference) among circuits.
The cable for measuring device is the one for wiring of automatic control and centralized monitoring system in the plant or for the low-voltage circuit of circuit of computer system in the office (below 60V).

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