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VCTF 300V : Flexible Control Cable

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① For power cord of interior and small electrical equipment.
② Excellent flexibility and processability.
③ Easy identification. (※3 cores are black, white and red as well as black, white, green/yellow)
④ The shrink wrap realizes simple and light unpacking as well as reduction of environmental load. (0.5mm2 - 2mm2)

For power cord of interior and small electronic equipment below 300V. 0.3mm2 & 0.5mm2 shall be used in circuit below 100V. No  E mark.
The shrink wrap is used, indicating No. of cores × size. Incomparable inventory and prompt delivery system! VCTF (vinyl insulated round cable)
JIS Specification No.: JIS C 3306 (vinyl wire) (※ until 0.75mm2 - 2mm2 × 2 - 4 cores)
E JET mark approved by PSE (0.75mm2 - 2mm2)

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